A Case of the Tilted Pelvis

The other day one of our patients referred her friend—a grade school teacher—to our clinic. She told me she had moderate and sometimes severe left thigh and calf pain. She wasn’t sure how this got started, but for the last five months it bothers her when she makes any sudden movements and it has become unrelenting.

This all sounded a little weird to me because there was not a trauma to substantiate this pain, and normally if it comes from the spine, it has a different pain pattern. Initially, I thought maybe it was coming from her hip, but that also has a different pain pattern.

The only positive test that showed up was a test that confirmed a sacroiliac joint problem. Although I had not seen this type of problem show up with this pain diagram, I thought a stuck sacroiliac joint was a possibility.

I took a pelvic x-ray. There it was…..her pelvis was tilting over to the right side. It looked like the carnival cruise ship that had tilted over on its side last month. See her x-ray below. All that stress had caused the top outer part of the hip joint to almost be at bone on bone (see arrow). I measured her leg length difference, which amounted to 15/16 of an inch. Quite a difference! Look at the x-ray below.

At this point I am more concerned about the future of her hip joints. As of now hip joint deterioration symptoms are not showing. If something is not done right now to take stress off her hips she will in all likelihood, need a double hip replacement.

In order to do this I am going to put a 3/8 inch heal lift on the right to start taking pressure off those hip joints. I believe that when I do this and unjam her sacroiliac joint she will find relief in her leg pain.

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