In this short video Dr. Stephen Graham of Graham Chiropractic a chiropractic office located in the east end of Louisville, explains the significance of the sacrum being both aligned in a level position and also being angled at approximately 40 degrees.

Dr. Graham goes on to explain that the three main causes of an un-level sacrum are a short leg, a pronated foot and a misaligned pelvis. Most of the time when one or more of these scenarios occurs, the sacrum will be un-level causing undo stress in the area. When the sacrum becomes un-level the lumbar spine usually follows suit.  This is where more problems can surface.

When the sacrum is not angled at the 40 degree range (36-42), Dr. Graham reports, it will also add to stress in the lower back.  The causes of a poorly angled sacrum includes: weight gain, tight hamstrings, trauma to the area, i.e., a slip, fall, car accident, etc.  Again, a poorly angled sacrum leads to abnormal stress in the lower back and often times is the cause of back pain.

Dr. Graham says that when the sacrum misaligns either by being un-level or by being at a angle out of the 40 degree range, it can lead to premature arthritis, disc degeneration, bulging discs, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis, just to name a few.