In this video Dr. Stephen Graham, a Louisville Chiropractor discusses some of the frequent causes of disc degeneration.

Dr. Graham reports that one of the most common causes is trauma. Trauma includes things like slips, falls, car accidents, etc. When this occurs the spine may get jammed or misaligned thus causing a lessening of mechanical blood flow to the disc material. This will cause the disc to dehydrate and then degenerate. This may take years to show up as degeneration and sometimes the back and leg pain may even take longer.

Age related degeneration is also very common. Some people have a predisposition for this where other people may not. Dr. Graham reports that many people in there sixties start showing degenerative pain patterns. However, Dr. Graham also reports that he has seen patients in their 80’s that have no degeneration.

Other causes of disc degeneration are smoking. Smoking affects arterial blood flow and this may inhibit normal nutrition to the disc.

Weight gain may cause the disc to get jammed up and prevent normal mechanical blood flow to the disc thus causing disc deterioration. Again, Dr. Graham has found many heavy people with no degeneration.

Other factors that may relate to disc degeneration are prolonged sitting and compressive forces from driving excessively.

Dr. Graham reports that he typically gets more cases of low back deterioration than neck disc degeneration. This maybe attributable to the low back being a weight bearing joint.