In this video Dr. Graham describes common symptoms and treatment that arise from disc degeneration.

Common symptoms from lumbar spine degeneration include low back pain, leg pain, numbness and tingling in the leg. It can present as either sharp or dull and achy pain.

Neck degeneration may present as neck pain, should pain, arm pain, and numbness and tingling down the arm.

Common treatments Dr. Graham has seen are non steroidal anti-infammatories otherwise known as NSAIDS. This includes Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen, Motrin. Dr. Graham states that many patients he has treated were taking more NSAIDS than they should have. This is hard on the intestines and Dr. Graham directs his readers to look at his Ibuprofen video to see the implications from taking these OTC drugs.

Other people turn to prescription medications for relief. Again, Dr. Graham points out the fact that the side effects are usually worse than the problem the person is taking the drugs for.

Dr. Graham reports that when these aren’t helping they many times are referred for steroid injections. These are also have side effects and the doctors performing this procedure generally can give up to three a year because of the bad effects.

Finally, surgery may be recommended. Dr. Graham explains that back surgery as a rule does not have the best outcomes as a whole.

In Dr. Graham’s office he uses computerized adjusting technology. This instrument is more precise, painless and is safe. Dr. Graham reports that this instrument decompresses the spine restoring normal movement. This movement establishes reduced muscle spasm, reduces inflammation and decreases nerve pressure. Dr. graham says that he has had very good success in his office with disc degeneration.