In this video Dr. Stephen Graham zeroes in on the devastating effects of a rear end collision.

Dr. Graham reports that the collision does a few things to the most vulnerable part of the body, the cervical spine.   When someone is struck from the rear the head whips forward and backwards so fast that most people don’t even know what happened, Dr. Graham says.  This violent whipping may cause the neck to lose its normal arc like shape,  leading to abnormal mechanics of the bone and disc.  As a consequence the bone over time may develop spurs and the disc may begin to degenerate.

In addition, because tendons, muscles and ligaments got stretched or possibly torn, they may heal with scar tissue.  This type of tissue is less elastic and is weaker.  Because of this Dr. Graham states, the person is highly likely to have continual flare ups of their condition. Chiropractor Graham also reports in this video that because the disc may degenerate prematurely, it is also likely that the jelly like material inside may eventually herniate or bulge.  This sequela my cause a whole host other of problems, such as arm pain, numbness, weakness, and loss of reflex.

Typical symptoms from a rear end collision are as follows: headaches, neck pain, arm pain, numbness, and/or tingling. Dr. Graham offers adjusting by his computerized adjusting instrument to restore the spine back to proper alignment thereby reducing the chances  of premature disc degeneration, bulging discs and athletic change.

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