In this video Dr. Stephen Graham discusses the benefits of a cervical pillow.  Dr. Graham states that the cervical spine should have a 45 degree arc.  This type of alignment allows the most space for the cervical portion of the spinal cord and nerves.  Dr. Graham reports that everyday activity such as poor posture, working at the computer, driving and the use of bad pillows can upset the normal neck alignment.

When the neck does lose its good alignment it may lead to conditions like headaches, neck pain, arm and hand pain, numbness or tingling. It may also cause other parts of the body to get stressed as the muscles try to adapt to this alignment.  Some of these symptoms include shoulder pain, mid back pain and low back pain.

Dr. Graham suggests to that by investing in a cervical pillow, at least the user will be able to support his or her neck in a favorable anatomical position for 7-8 hours.  This, Dr. Graham, says would be wise for anyone who cares about taking care of their spine and not having to continually take OTC or prescription drugs.

Dr. Graham, also gives a couple of websites, such as Amazon, where these type of pillows can be purchased.

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