Dr. Stephen Graham, discusses the topic of headaches.

Dr. Graham states that often headaches are caused from a mal-alignment of the two upper bones in the neck or cervical spine (atlas and axis bones). The nerves between these top two bones supply the back and top of the head.  When one or both of these bones get out of alignment or jams up, it can cause these nerves to get pinched and  headaches result.

Mistakenly, many people Dr. Graham reports, take ibuprofen, tylenol and other OTC type medicines in an attempts to ease the headaches.  This only serves as temporary relief.  Unfortunately, for many people if they take these too long and frequent, it can cause damage to the intestine, liver and or kidneys.

Things like car accidents, poor posture, working in front of a computer, long periods of driving all lend themselves to mis aligning  the top two bones that support the head thus causing headaches.

Furthermore Dr. Graham states that specific computerized adjustments to the misaligned bones can remove the pinched nerve and remove the headaches. He also gives some practical advice as how to take care of the neck such as sleeping on a properly designed pillow that cradle and support the cervical spine while you are asleep.

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