Great Abs-Without doing 1,000 crunches a day!

I was in Sea Island this weekend for a weekend of golf. Saturday afternoon, after playing a terrible round, I decided to go to the gym while my friend chose the steam room. While I was at the gym there was a guy in his mid twenties working on his abs. He looked like he walked off the cover of the vogue magazine.

It reminded me how beneficial ab work is, not only for appearance sake, but for health purposes. Developing a good core is essential for having a good spine and posture. A healthy core also will prevent back problems, disc problems, sciatica, and early arthritis.

It is certainly not a guarantee of good health, but it is a good first step along with a healthy diet. Part of my abdominal routine is doing one armed dumbbell exercises. When you only use one arm the core on the opposite side will be activated so your body doesn’t tilt. I have found these to be very beneficial and quickly developed my core without having to do 1,000 crunches a day.

A few one arm exercises I do are:

1. Overhead presses

2. Curls

3. Bench presses

If you do these for 90 days you will be able to feel and see the development of your core. Of course if your diet is rich in sugar, you may not see as big a difference.

Let me know how your abs are doing and best of luck!

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