In this video Dr. Graham discusses the benefits of using a lumbar cushion for everyday use.  Dr. Stephen Graham, the author of this video, owns a chiropractic office in eastern Louisville, KY.

Dr. Graham states that the optimal position of the lumbar spine is 45 degrees.  There are many forces to our spine on a daily basis which over time can disrupt the integrity of this lumbar arc (45 degree).  These would include sitting in the average chair, driving or riding in a car, improper body mechanics (lifting), poorly designed beds, couches, etc.  The above mentioned can cause a mal-position of the lumbar spinal bones, hence causing the arc to change in the lower back.

When this happens Dr. Graham reveals that it can cause back pain, disc degeneration, bulging discs, herniated discs, sciatic pain, leg pain, leg numbness, and gluteal pain.

To help prevent these kinds of problems, Dr. Graham suggests to use a lumbar cushion or support that rests in a chair or car seat.  These are rather inexpensive, in the neighborhood of  $50 with shipping and that would be a good one.  These supports are designed to reinforce the arc in the lower lumbar spine by giving the lower spine support where otherwise there is not whole lot.

Graham says that these cushions are probably the easiest way to maintain good alignment in the low back because it does not require any effort on the persons part.  People that will benefit the most are ones that sit or drive  for long periods of the day. Dr.Graham goes on to say that he has used one for the past 30 years and it has served him well.

Finally, Dr. Graham describes what a bargain a $30 lumbar cushion is compared to a $10,000 bak surgery.